As part of core measures to enhance liquidity in the securities market, NCCPL has introduced Next Day Netting Facility (NDNF) which is aimed at enhancing liquidity in the capital market.

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Slide background Investment in Government Securities

NCCPL has been appointed as Special Purpose Primary Dealer (“SPD”) by State Bank of Pakistan to pursue its objective to enhance participation of capital market/retail investors in Government Securities.

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The online account opening process is designed keeping in view all the necessary controls and without compromising on the level of ease expected from digital account opening process for a customer.

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NCCPL has launched “Murabahah Share Financing (MSF)” System to provide market participants with a Shariah compliant financing mode. The system has been developed allowing financing only in Shariah compliant securities falling under the PSX-KMI All Share Islamic Index.

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Slide background KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER (KYC)

NCCPL has launched “Centralized Know Your Customer (KYC) Organization (CKO)” to assist market participants in account opening processes. This state-of-the-art system is developed in order to bring ease and efficiency to the overall systems by keeping the global standards under consideration.

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Slide background Monument of Solidity

A heritage of strong foundations sows the seeds for stronger establishments. Being nationally owned, NCCPL inherits the solidity of heritage's timeless structures as a significant central information of the Pakistan Capital Market.

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Slide background CLEARING & SETTLEMENT

NCCPL is a significant element of Pakistan's Capital Market that provides centralized Clearing and Settlement Services for all trades/transactions executed at the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited in the Equities, Derivatives and Debt Market.

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Slide background National Custodial Services

National Custodial Services (NCS) has been developed to provide centralized clearing, settlement and custodial services for the capital market investors.The NCS enables the investors to maintain their cash and securities with NCCPL while continuing to execute their trade through the Trading Right Entitlement Certificate "TREC"holders of the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited.

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Slide background Risk Management System

Market confidence is essential for risk free investment by clients and this confidence is only built-up by implementing streamline and robust risk management framework. In accordance with the provision of the Securities Act, 2015, the NCCPL has taken over the entire risk management functions of the capital market trades that are executed and settled by the Clearing Members.

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