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Settlement Guarantee Fund

Mission Statement

The mission is to ensure the stability and integrity of the capital markets by administering the Settlement Guarantee Fund (SGF) as an irrevocable trust. Through collaboration with stakeholders including the National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL), Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), clearing members, and regulatory bodies, the aim is to provide a secure mechanism for clearing member obligations. Commitment to transparency, compliance, and prudent management of contributions and investments is made to safeguard investor interests and promote confidence in the clearing and settlement process.

List of Trustees (Mentioned Below)

Mr. Muneer Kamal Chairman and Trustee
Mr. Khalid Rahman Trustee
Mr. Zahid Latif Khan Trustee
Mr. Saad Ur Rahman Khan Trustee
Mr. Ahmed Chinoy Trustee
Mr. Muhammad Lukman Trustee
Mr. Imran Ahmed Khan Trustee
Mr. Asad Ahmed Ali Secretary and Trustee

SGF - Annual Report

Annual Report 2023

About SGF

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