NCC BioVerify Privacy Policy

NCC BioVerify Mobile Application Privacy Policy

1. Introduction
This privacy policy is providing high-level overview of National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited ("NCCPL") NCC BioVerify mobile application details including information access and its uses, storage, maintenance and safeguarding controls.

2. Privacy Policy Objective
NCC BioVerify Mobile Application Privacy Policy provide details of collection of customer information by National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited ("NCCPL") and its uses, maintenance and safeguarding controls. NCCPL also collects personal information of the customers either directly or through an authorized intermediary (AI). The policy also provides details of sharing of customers' information with the authorized intermediaries.

3. About NCC BioVerify Mobile Application
In order to facilitate new customers for opening account in Capital Market and to also further simplify and improve existing online account opening process, NADRA has provided Digital on-Board/Biometric verification access to NCCPL. For this purpose, NCCPL provides BioVerify mobile application access to investors of capital market.

NCC BioVerify mobile application facilitate investors to fulfill compulsory regulatory requirement of Biometric verification for online account opening process.

4. BioVerify Mobile Application Information Access, Usage and Storage
NCC BioVerify Mobile Application process will start once the user has grant permissions including location access.
NCC BioVerify Mobile Application will not be used by customers from locations outside Pakistan.
To access NCC BioVerify Mobile Application, customer needs to provide following details for verification process:

  • CNIC
  • Fingerprints
  • Location

NCCPL is not storing or retaining customer's biometric fingerprint related information NCCPL is transmitting biometric related information to NADRA for verification purpose only.

5. Protecting Information – Our Confidentiality and Security Safeguards
NCCPL ensures compliance to Information Security international standards such as ISO 27001 to protect its customers' personal information.

NCCPL maintains only necessary records of the activities of the customers. All personal information is treated strictly in accordance with NCCPL Privacy Policy and retained only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the information is collected, or as required by the law.

NCCPL is not responsible for any interception or interruption or loss of data through internet or any interruption through customer mobile/device or any intermediate API.

Further, NCCPL has implemented all necessary information security controls like;

  • Authentication mechanisms will be used for accessing NCC BioVerify Mobile Application.
  • Latest secure encrypted communication channel use for transition of biometric information.
  • Necessary API security controls for safeguarding application access.

6. What are your rights?
NCCPL use your personal information as per above defined scope. Should you have any questions or complaint about your privacy, please contact us at

7. Amendments to this Privacy Policy
NCCPL reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time for any reason.

This document was current as at February 10th 2023. You may keep updated about the policy through visit NCCPL corporate website.

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