Statement of Ethics & Business Practices

At National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) the most valuable assets are “Confidentiality, Security, Integrity and Trust”. NCCPL believes in the highest standard of personal and professional ethics and integrity. Due care is required from every employee for achieving results in his/her respective area making it mandatory to maintain the highest norms of ethical standards. Our image and reputation is built on the personal integrity and guided by the following principles in its pursuit of excellence in all activities for attainment of the organizational objectives:


NCCPL is established on trust and the business of the Company is managed ethically, lawfully and fairly. We do business only for the best of interest of the valuable National Clearing and Settlement System Elements (NCSS Elements) and in turn for the entire Capital Market;



We guarantee that all our transactions remain highly confidential and give assurance that the highest degree of confidentiality is maintained in our services to all our members. At NCCPL we require that all employees shall have to maintain strict confidentiality regarding business affairs of the Company;



We believe in striving hard to provide high-quality product and services to our members;



We never compromise our efficiency by ensuring that our crystal clear vision, focused approach and comprehensive work methodology are combined to provide efficient, targeted and proficient services to our members;



We at NCCPL apply fairness to our fellow employees, shareholders and NCSS Elements through adherence to all applicable laws, regulations and policies, and maintaining a high standard of behavior respecting and valuing their opinion and feedback.



The conduct of the employees is a gauge of the Company’s reputation. The maintenance of corporate reputation to the highest ethical standards is the responsibility of all employees. For this purpose, it is not only necessary for the employees to regulate their own actions but they should also be aware of the character and actions of their members and others around them.



The Company demands that its employees demonstrate the highest degree of integrity and NCSS Elements receive high respect and excellent service and behavior at all times. The Company is committed to the maximum utilization of its employee’s abilities and to the principles of equal employment opportunity.

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