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NCCPL Accomplishes another Milestone

Successfully Certified ISO22301
Most reputable and International Standard for Business Continuity Management

The ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System assists organizations to recognize and classify threats related to natural and man-made disaster allowing organizations to put strategy in place ahead of time to guarantee their business does not come to a halt.

National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) has become Pakistan's resilient organization to be certified against ISO22301 international standard for its Business Continuity Management program. This certification has been awarded by SGS Pakistan and accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service after series of comprehensive audits.

This accreditation is a global endorsement of NCCPL's promptness to grip up a range of natural and man-made disaster situations in a resilient approach.

Karachi – 10th April 2017 NCCPL is a significant element of Pakistan's Capital Market that provides centralized Clearing and Settlement Services for all trades/transactions executed at the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited in the Equities, Derivatives and Debt Market. National Custodial Services (NCS) has been developed to provide centralized clearing, settlement and custodial services for the capital market investors.

National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL), supported by a resilient IT infrastructure, disaster recovery and business continuity arrangements, can counter number of business disruptions by resuming critical functions in the shortest possible time span. NCCPL conducts regular business continuity drills to evaluate its crisis management capabilities. The motivation and efforts involved in achieving this global standard highlights NCCPL's best practices approach for the investors' safeguard and the profit of overall capital market.

At this event, NCCPL Leadership shared their views:

Muhammad Lukman Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company enlightened:

The most serious failure of leadership is the failure to foresee, likewise National Clearing company of Pakistan being the only Leading Institution of Clearing and settlement service providers of Pakistan's Capital Markets, we know what our business expansion competences are and we are persistently pushing ourselves to the edge of continuous improvement to prove our benchmark, mainly when it comes to our people's trust, which they put in us confidently for their economic well-being. We raise our standards knowing that it's less harder to plan ahead of time rather than explaining it why we didn't!, and here is this point why we got ISO22301 Certified; a reputable International Standard for Business Continuity management system and it wouldn't be less if I say that it is not just an adoption of a standard or a project but more prominently it has become our culture. So we looked ahead of time and developed a resilient strategy that our commitments to our people remains intact, strong and robust even in the situation of crisis.

Shafiq Ur Rehman Chief Information Officer (CIO) shared his thoughts:

I always embrace the concept of innovation above technology rules, because when technological powers increases, the side effects and potential threats also escalates, as it's not a magic, and it takes only a one disaster, natural or manmade, to wipe all mercilessly. So we had to think big, we adapted the best practices, and moved towards a standard visualization. We certified ourselves earlier with ISO27001 information security management which was a great achievement and now Certified ISO22301 business continuity management which is greater achievement and we will tend to go on further till we become greatest on a broader scale, sky is the limit. We hope to be in a cycle of continuous improvement to protect our customers hope in us in terms of relative trust of their information asset's confidentiality, integrity and availability. And I believe we will continue to do our part as a major functional source of profit to the stake holders.

Amir Akhtar Jamili working as a Head of Information Security, Business Continuity & Consultancy in NCCPL, shared his views:

For me if you ask , Business Continuity, is a secret weapon, in our utility belt, Business Continuity Plan are not just three words , it is a state , that link people and processes and its absolutely has little to no requirements to technology, but it relies on the disaster recovery plan for the restoration of the technology. Truth is that hearing my peers regarding struggles on associating ROI with their security expenses I question them is why would you? I agree that we need to develop financial model to articulate security improvements and risk reduction but we can't just think of that we are safe enough even after expending much until we believe that we are not. For this need we have a standardized framework of business continuity which I on my part held firm with management to bring it to NCCPL by seeing ahead of time, feeling what was uncertain and I am not regretting it after getting IS022301 certification in this course.

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