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NCCPL Launches its New Website

Date: December 21, 2015

In realization of the growing need of being digitally strong and demand of various stakeholders, NCCPL is pleased to announce the launch of its new corporate website with enhanced features and enhanced outlook while keeping it simple and user friendly.

Talking about NCCPL’s role in the capital market as the sole clearing and settlement company for all capital market trades and transactions in Pakistan, Muhammad Lukman, Chief Executive Officer, NCCPL stated, “This is a significant step forward in our renewed commercial efforts as well as showcasing our commitment to education and training of the investor base as it continues to be a foundation of our company’s growth.”

He further added that “Our prime objective is to make our website simple, accessible and easy to navigate.  The website has been designed to focus on what our customers and other stakeholders need - we believe this simplified interface would definitely provide them with an experience of best digital fashion”.

Considering “Products & Services” one of the most visited articles on our web, we have managed to arrange all our product portfolio in line, easily accessible and even more elaborated for any visitor landing on our web page.

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