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National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) launches Student Awareness Program (SAP)

NCCPL, in collaboration with various prestigious educational institutions, launched a Student Awareness Program back in February 2017, to enlighten the young minds with the core functionalities and practical information of the Capital Market of Pakistan.

NCCPL has been representing Pakistan's capital market on different platforms by conducting seminars and interactive sessions along with Pakistan Stock Exchange as well as in its own capacity to aid in achieving the desired objective of educating students.

Our Student Awareness Program is comprised of a focused structure with topics related to the introduction and performance of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) markets, brief overview of Depository structure, Regulatory structure and core functionalities and products/services of NCCPL, which are presented to the students with an aim to provide the best possible knowledge to the right audience, in the best possible manner.

The program has entered its 3rd year and through continuous improvements is not only based on presentations alone but also involves active participation in the form of discussions and MCQ based testing as a part of respective curriculum as per the discretion of the management of the institutions. Award distribution ceremonies are also held for achieving students.

Witnessing the increasing usage and potential of social media platform, we have now launched an online perpetual tutorial platform 'SAP Tutorials' to disseminate up-to-date and practical knowledge about Capital Market of Pakistan in an easy to understand 2 to 3 minute focused video clips on various topics.

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