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Two-Factor Authentication

National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited ("NCCPL") after the Successful implementation of Two Factor Authentication for all the NCSS and CGT Clients is now broadening its scope in the direction for remote clients of Margin Trading System (MTS) i.e. all MTS clients which are not on PSX KHI LAN as well for keeping up the pace of continuous improvement in Information Security.

About Two Factor Authentications:

It is a practical way to improve information security adding a second factor in logon based on:

  • Something the user knows: Password
  • Something the user own: Token

How it will Work?

Two-factor token will now be available for all the MTS Multinet remote clients. The token will generate a unique random number to be filled into the OTP (One time Password) field by each client that will authenticate them to avail their services.

Note: For step by step process detail please click on "2 Factor User Manual"

How it will benefit you?

  • Two factor authentications mitigate identity stealing, password compromise and impersonation risk through "One Time Password".
  • Help in reducing other cyber threats like Hacking, session hijacking etc.

How to Process:

  • Registration forms available for download, please click here with effect from 15th August, 2017 for all Margin Trading System (MTS) clients.
  • Please fill the required details in the form.
  • After completion of registration form, please contact NCCPL's Customer Support Department for 2 factor authentication payment process and installation.
  • NCCPL will charge PKR: 5,000/- per year for the 2 factor authentication token maintenance and ongoing support.
  • Note that the Two Factor Authentication is a mandatory requirement for all MTS clients; kindly ensure necessary implementation before 30th August 2017.

For any further inquiry please contact NCCPL customer support services department.

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