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Centralized Know Your Customer (KYC) Organization (CKO)

The Centralized Know Your Customer “KYC” Organization “CKO” system has been developed using state-of-the-art technology and keeping the needs of market participants under consideration. The account opening process has become more reliable and secure due to the prescribed requirement of bio-metric verification for local individual customers.

The facility of opening Sahulat Account for Customers with simplified KYC requirements has also been made available to Authorized Intermediaries (AIs) in KYC Information System (KIS).

Under the CKO regime, the trading Account Opening Form and CDC Sub-Account Opening Form have been merged into a single Customer Relationship Form (CRF). Furthermore, customer would be able to update their KYC related information into the KYC database by approaching any AI of the customer.

Authorized Intermediaries “AI”

Following are the persons who will be eligible for registration as Authorized Intermediary (AI) with NCCPL:

  1. TREC Holders of PSX
  2. CDC (for investor account holders)
  3. Asset Management Companies (AMCs)
  4. Members of PMEX and
  5. Any other entity approved by NCCPL Board


  1. KYC process for new Customer shall be performed by CKO for only once. Once CKO performed KYC process for a Customer, such Customer/respective Authorized Intermediary (AI) shall not be required to initiate complete KYC Process with CKO again. E.g. customer of broker A would not need to fill the KYC Form with broker B.
  2. Updation of information would be possible with any of AI(s) of a Customer.
  3. CKO shall apply processes to complete KYC Process of a Customer.
  4. Trading Account Opening Form and Sub-Account Opening Form merged into a standardized and simplified Customer Relationship Form (CRF).
  5. Requirement of bank verification deleted.

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