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Margin Trading System (MTS)

Following are the key features of MTS:

  • All MTS Transactions are executed through OnLine Trading System provided by NCCPL to market participants.
  • MTS is an undisclosed market for Financees and Financiers.
  • Financing in MTS is only made available on pre-identified ready market purchases termed as ‘Leverage Buy’.
  • Margin trading facility has been made available in Eligible Securities only.
  • The maximum mark-up rate in MTS Market is KIBOR+8%.
  • All transactions executed in MTS Market are based on Financing Participation Ratio (“FPR”) of 15%.
  • Financees are required to pay Marked-to-Market (MtM) losses to NCCPL on daily basis in Cash only till the settlement of the entire MT Contract.
  • Such MtM losses are paid to the respective Financiers on daily basis.
  • Financiers are required to open a separate MT Blocked Account in CDS for movement of MT Financed Securities.
  • Each MT Contract shall not exceed from sixty (60) calendar days. However, on every fifteenth (15th) calendar day, MTS will automatically release one fourth quantity of the MT Contract Value.

Rollover of MT Contract is allowed in MTS.

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