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Securities Lending & Borrowing (SLB)

Following are the key features of SLB:

  • SLB transactions are executed through an On-Line trading platform provided by NCCPL to lenders and borrowers for placing offers and bids.
  • SLB is an undisclosed market for Lenders and Borrowers.
  • The motivation for lenders is to earn income/return on their Idle Securities.
  • The borrowers may utilize SLB functionality to avoid delivery failure in ready market or to make a short sale.
  • SLB facility is made available only in Eligible Securities, selected on the basis of approved criteria.
  • The Premium of SLB is capped to KIBOR+15%.
  • SLB Contract period is maximum for 14 working days.
  • On Settlement Day, the lender delivers the lended securities and borrower pays the total amount of borrowed securities.
  • SLB Transactions are settled with Regular Market Trades.
  • NCCPL manages Risk Management of SLB Transaction.

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