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UIN Information System (UIS)

In order to bring transparency and to foster the investors’ confidence on capital market and to prevent any misuse of their UINs, NCCPL has developed a web-based UIN Information System so as to enable investors to track their trading, settlement and related information. This system enables UIN Holders to view all their trading, settlement and relevant information with their respective brokers in a smooth and efficient manner through dedicated User ID and Password.

Following are the salient features of UIS:

  • UIS is an application accessible through this link.
  • All Types of Capital Market Investors may apply for their UIS Account to NCCPL.
  • User ID and Password are transmitted electronically on the designated e-mail address of the UIS Account Holder.
  • Investors can view their trading & settlement activities executed by their Members through UIS Interface directly.
  • Investors can also view the number of trading accounts (Client Codes) assigned with their UINs registered by the brokers.
  • Investor can initiate client code/UIN closure request to NCCPL through this system.
  • The Application Form of UIS is available on the NCCPL’s website and can also be obtained directly from NCCPL’s Offices.
  • UIS Application Form can be submitted by the Investors to NCCPL through:
    1. Broker Clearing Members;
    2. Custodian Clearing Members; and
    3. Directly.

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1 UIS User Manual (CGT Reports) -
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