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Unique Identification Number (UIN)

In order to maintain a traceable link for each trade and transaction, executed in the stock market, NCCPL provides a centralized mechanism for the registration of investors in NCSS by assigning UIN.

Clients of Members are categorized in the following manner:

  1. Individual Pakistani Citizen
  2. Individual Foreigner/overseas Pakistani citizens/Non-Pakistani residing in Pakistan
  3. Non-individuals
    • Corporate/individual - Broker
    • Corporate – Company
    • Corporate – fund/other organization

All registered UINs are provided to the stock exchange by NCCPL and stock exchanges link up the UINs with the trading systems at their end and it is mandatory for the Members to enter client code / ID having such UIN while placing any order in the trading system. The trading systems of the stock exchanges verify the client code / ID with the UIN registration details on Pre-trade basis and reject any order failing this validation.

Benefits of UIN Implementation

  1. Enable Members to register their clients by assigning unique code to manage their business efficiently and effectively.
  2. Provide Traceable Links for all Trades and Transactions executed in the Capital Market of Pakistan.
  3. Provide great relief and facilitation in monitoring compliance and surveillance of relevant Rules and Regulations by the Apex and Front Line Regulators.
  4. Provides facilitation to the stock exchange to implement effective risk management measures.
  5. Provide facilitation to various Govt. Agencies in investigation and inquiries.
  6. Provides great relief to the market participants to synchronize their Back Office records.
  7. Provides facilitation to the Central Depository Company (“CDC”) to create a logical linkage between CDS Account Holders and Investors.
  8. Provides facilitation to the Mercantile Exchange for the registration of Commodities Investors.
  9. Provides effective control over Pledging of Securities with the Banks by Market Participants.
  10. Bring very useful information for the Capital Market of Pakistan by disclosing Foreign and Local Investors Portfolio on a daily basis, commonly known as “FIPI” and “LIPI”.
  11. Without having UIN Functionality “Automation of Securities Settlement” mechanism could not be implemented.
  12. Without having UIN Functionality “Client Level Margining System” could not be implemented at the stock exchange.

Total No. of Unique Identification Numbers(UIN) Registered during April 2021
Sr. #UIN TYPEActive UIN as at March 31, 2021UIN opened during April 2021UIN closed during April 2021Active UIN as at April 30, 2021
1 Individual 230,819 3,093 1,113 232,799
2 Corporate Company 1,724 22 24 1,722
3 Corporate /Individual Broker 227 5 1 231
4 Fund /Others 1,449 18 31 1,436
5 Foreigner Individual 12,191 271 106 12,356
6 A/c open through RDA 3,261 531 14 3,778

Total UINs Registered during Jan-April-2021
MonthTotal UINsOnline ProcessNormal Process
Jan-21 2,828 695 2,133
Feb-21 5,467 1,852 3,615
Mar-21 5,606 2,201 3,405
Apr-21 3,783 1,729 2,054

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